Monday, March 18, 2013

Purple and Blue: Galaxy Fashion

~Aloha Everyone~

I was at the gym and E.T. by Katy Perry played.  Its not my favorite song, but I thought it'd be fun to look at blue and purple fashion.

These colors are fun together. They're playful, mysterious, and moody. Two of these vibrant colors paired together, can create a dark texture and mood.

I've been really busy, I decided to sell most of a lot of my clothing on Ebay. You can find my listings here:
  Hope you are all having a wonderful week and thanks for reading!

 As always good luck with your colorful lives and fashion endeavors! 
Dare to be ColorLoud


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cantaloupe: Orange and Green Deliciousness

Aloha Everyone~!

Today, cantaloupe is my inspiration. I've been eating a lot of it lately, so I decided orange and green would be a delicious mix for a post. Something tropical and beautiful, that reminds me of my home in Hawaii.  Like my past color posts, this combination can easily become tacky, melting into some form of a pumpkin Halloween disaster. However, if each individual piece is carefully selected, a beautiful art can form.
I'm currently a stylist for Looksima, and I decided I'd share one of my looks. Below you can find the links where you may purchase these pieces.

~I hope all of you are doing well~

Thanks and mahalo for reading, good luck in your own colorful endeavors!
So go ahead eat some cantaloupe and try this color duo! 
Make a statement and be Colorloud! <3

Monday, February 11, 2013

Playful Valentines Fun

Working on a post for the wonderful colors of Salmon orange and Purple, but got distracted.  This is a quick, nice casual, and flirtatious look. Great inspiration for hinting about Valentine's Day, but not quite as loud as pink and red. I listed where you can purchase these items below, with the exception of the pink blouse (which I can't seem to find the place where I can purchase it). 

As always good luck and Paint the Streets with fashion!


Pink Blouse (something similar):,98&sort=newest&page=1
Shoes $19:
Mustard pants $18.48:
Satchel $64.75:
Bracelet $10:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink and Red; Fashion Dare

 Debating on what to wear next Thursday? How about pink and red?
That's right, pink and red!

Pink and Red are both bold colors in their own right and consequently together they can make a very daring statement. They also happen to be the very colors most everyone associates with Valentines Day.  On this day, most people wear something pink, some wear red, but this year why not try them both?  

Although these colors traditionally in history have been designated as mega No, No's for their clashing colors, if done right, they can look fun, chic, and very fashionable.
 In this post I decided to take a different approach then previous ones, and post almost exclusively just pink and red outfits. 

Its true, wearing one bright color can be intimidating, and adding another color that "clashes" can make you feel even more self-conscious. Since grade school most of our peers and/or parents have encouraged us to not wear these colors together, by why not give it a chance?

Do you dare? <3

Thanks and mahalo for reading, good luck in your own colorful endeavors!
So go ahead and try this color duo, even if not on Valentine's Day! 
Make a statement and be Colorloud! <3

P.S. Thanks for your lovely comments last post! For some reason it is not letting me replay but I appreciated them all!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pink and Green; The Surprisingly Watermelon Chic

Pink and Green; Color of Watermelon, or Chic?
What They Did (Colorloud)
What they did (colorlight)

What I did

 Aloha fashionistas! Random, but this week I've been really craving watermelon.  At the school where I'm attending we always have pineapple, sometimes papaya, but very rarely do we ever get watermelon.  So, I decided if I couldn't eat it, I'd do a post from these wonderful colors. Pink and green can often be seen as too girly and can be easily overdone. Yet, I have found that sometimes these colors can overcome and be classified as even chic. I decided to also give two different inspirations, one very vibrant and also a pastel version. My sweater is from the lovely Forever21, my floral pants are from the fabulous Wet Seal, my purse came from Marshalls, and my shoes are from a Salvation Army in PA.

Thanks and Mahalo for reading, good luck in your own colorful endeavors!
So go ahead and paint the streets with pink and green! 
Make a statement and be Colorloud! <3


Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to be Colorloud

After I started this blog, I realized that I had not introduced myself and what this blog is about. My name is Sienna <3. As you can guess, I'm in love with color. I wasn't always this way, growing up I had probably almost zero sense in fashion. My daily outfit was a comfortable cotton shirt and gym shorts. I was a jock, and awkward about my height (5'9). Gucci and Prada, were lost words on me.
Then magically, it happened.
I went to NYC.
My mother, took me around town. For the first time I met Soho, Manhattan, and Greenwich Village. I saw fashion that I never knew existed. It was summer, so most everyone was wearing their brightest summer colors. People seemed like walking modern art. I felt like was in a Monet painting, only I couldn't look fast enough to catch everyone around me.
It was then that I decided that I loved color.
Since that point in time,  I've gradually incorporated colors into my wardrobe. At first I was a little bit embarrassed and intimidated. People knew me as a tomboy who only wore gym shorts. However, with time, color has taken over my wardrobe. Its now to the point where black, grey, and brown have become the minority in my closet.
I started this blog for myself, but its really for anyone who appreciates color. From those who already flaunt their flamenco pink outfits, to those who don't wear much color, but would like possible ideas. Basically this blog is a tool for you and me to have inspiration of color fashion.
My dream is that someday all streets will be filled with color.
So go ahead and paint the streets with fashion! 
Make a statement and be Colorloud!

Also, I'm constantly looking for more sources. If you have photos you'd like to contribute of either yourself others, let me know. I'll consider them for future posts and will add a link and reference to your blog! <3

Good luck with your fashion adventures!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Primary Colors in Fashion

~Be Colorloud~

I really love colorful shoes, you can be wearing a black or grey outfit and the shoes add such a playful flavor.

Outfit Ideas
I have always loved wearing colorful clothes and my favorite combination is red, yellow and blue. This color combination always makes me happy and make me nostalgic for elementary school, coloring books, and crayons. I recently bought this sweater on Etsy from AARDVARKMARKET and I absolutely love it! My shoes are nike and I got them in Portland. I got my skirt from Forever21 and my shirt comes from the lovely Macy's. Earrings and bow are from Salvation Army in Pennsylvania.  Good luck with your color blocking endeavors!

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